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System directly anchored into material with pull out values of 524 lbs/s.f. A combination of back anchor with Dow Corning 795 structural silicone bond provides incredible bond strength and integrity.

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Projects of all sizes, small to national award winning big projects. We have a diverse staff with many different approaches to design solutions and we are able to pull from our different experiences to find ways to meet and exceed our client’s visions.

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Ease of Use

In the NYC Metropolitan area Thin Stone can install and outside of this area, Thin Stone can send our lead installer for a 2-3 day stay to get the job site installers underway. The system is very user friendly and over the last 15 years we have only been taken up on that offer twice.

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Full Service

Having over 30 years experience with large scale exterior stone projects, we are able to call on that knowledge base to develop turnkey solutions for our clients and provide our customers the ability to realize their designs on time and on budget.



Any stone that is quarried can be done with our rain screen system. Explore our variety of finishes, granite, marble, limestone to sintered stone and glass.

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